About Our Business

In 1979 we (Eugene and Eric Bates) bought a 4 track tape recorder, a P.A. board and a
12' x 24' aluminum building and installed it in the back yard of our parents house for the
band we were in, Cornerstone Band, to rehearse and then to record an album. The
album was regionally successful and songwriters and bands started asking about our
rates which prompted us to record albums and demos for numerous varied projects.
Thus, the birth of the Bates Brothers Studio.

By 1985 our business had grown to the point that our "home
studio" wasn't sufficient. We located an 1,800 sq. ft. rental space
in Hueytown, AL., asked our good friend David Gaines to become
a partner, bought a 12 track tape recorder and officially opened
Bates Brothers Recording. In 1987, David left BBR to work at
Shades Mountain Baptist Church. But we still work with David
when we can.

From 1985 to 1989 our reputation for quality recording and
friendly service grew and we attracted a lot of new clients.

In December of 1989 we upgraded again adding a 24 track
analog tape recorder and a new recording console and Bates
Brothers Recording quickly became "THE" studio in Birmingham
for album and demo recording. We also took on Courtney McGukin as another full time
engineer. Courtney is a Full Sail graduate and a great engineer/producer.

In 1993, we were the first commercial studio in Birmingham to offer 24 track digital
recording. In 1994, Courtney left BBR to become technical director at Shades Mountain
Baptist Church. Jesse Raegan, took Courtney's spot for a short time but then went to
work for Sonics Associates/I-MAX Corp.

n 1996, we purchased five more digital multi-track recorders to give us up to sixty four
tracks. We also added new pro outboard gear and mics.

In 1999, with a growing number of new clients as well as repeat customers, we
upgraded with a Solid State Logic 6032 E/G recording console from Professional Audio
Design, Rockland, MA, to provide our clients with the same type of world class recording
console that nationally known professional artists, producers, and record companies

In 2003 we added 22 mono modules and 4 stereo modules to our Solid State Logic
console. This upgrade gives us 60 automated channels! We also upgraded to 48 track
digital with two Alesis HD24 hard disk recorders.

2004-2011 we added more outboard gear and mics including top of the line Lexicon
reverbs, Focusrite mic preamps and vintage DBX compressors. We also added a
Digidesign Protools DAW with a 003 Rack and Powermac computer.

In 2013 we upgraded to Pro Tools 10 and added a new Apple Mac Pro 12 core
computer, Antelope Orion 32 A/D-D/A converters with 32 analog I/O and two Neumann
U87 ai mics.

In 2017 we celebrate 32  years in business and we will continue to provide world class,
top quality recording services for our clients.